John Barleycorn and The Blue Danube Waltz in TwinNote

As the summer begins to wind down it’s time for some new music in TwinNote. Two new works have just landed on the sheet music page: Johann Strauss Jr.’s famous Blue Danube Waltz for piano (well, just the main theme), and the old English folk song John Barleycorn, arranged for piano and voice.  Enjoy these as the sun sinks lower and lower over the horizon.

As with most of the sheet music on this site, these two works originated in LilyPond files from the Mutopia Project, and were converted into TwinNote using LilyPond.

And speaking of LilyPond, check out Adam Spiers’ new Scale Matcher web app.  It’s related to jazz improvisation.  You input any chord and it shows you a comprehensive set of possible scales (shown in traditional notation) that can be played over that chord.  It also indicates which notes of those scales you need to emphasize to bring out the character of that particular scale (those notes are colored in red).  It uses LilyPond to generate the output.

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