Fine-Tuning TwinNote, Part One

I have made some improvements to TwinNote in recent months and wanted to blog about them and document the changes.

In January as I was working on the new AudioVisualizer home page I realized that what I had been calling the “Max 6-6” version of TwinNote should be the official, default version of TwinNote. It became clear that using hollow and solid notes for pitch (rather than duration) really made notes and intervals a lot easier to read… and since TwinNote was already a significant departure from traditional notation… and since attention spans are limited these days… why not go ahead and put the best version of TwinNote front and center? So that is what I have done. (Thanks to Doug Keislar of the Music Notation Project for helping me to see this.)

The version of TwinNote that uses hollow and solid notes for duration to preserve greater continuity with traditional notation, for those who need or want that, is of course still an option, and is now called TwinNote TD (for “traditional duration” version).

This change was just re-naming and re-positioning the two versions of TwinNote. In my next post I will discuss another, more substantive improvement I recently made (albeit still an incremental change).

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