Flash-Card-Style Game for Learning TwinNote

Inspired by these online music educational games, and building on the code for the TwinNote AudioVisualizer, I created a flash-card-style note and interval identification game for learning TwinNote.  Give it a try!  It demonstrates how you can learn to identify all the different intervals based simply on their appearance in TwinNote — how you can differentiate major and minor intervals at a glance, which is not possible in traditional music notation where major and minor variants of an interval look identical. Because it includes audio, you could even use it for ear training and learn to identify intervals by their sound.

Another recent addition to the site is a page about TwinNote’s alternative key signatures and accidental signs. [Now two separate pages: key signatures and accidental signs, updated January 2013.]  They are still a work-in-progress, but you can see some draft illustrations in TwinNote Labs.

The traditional English fiddle tune Swinging on a Gate has been added under Sheet Music, as well as a larger version of the blank staff paper that is a better size for handwriting music in TwinNote.

The AudioVisualizer on the home page has been upgraded and now features a volume control, a three-octave keyboard, and three new melodies: The Entertainer, Für Elise, and Amazing Grace.

TwinNote 5L (an alternative five-line version) now has its own page on the site.  You can try out TwinNote 5L and also TwinNote TD with their own AudioVisualizer in TwinNote Labs.

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