Welcome to TwinNote Labs

Somewhat like Mozilla Labs (but on a much smaller scale) this is just a place to put experiments, works-in-progress, or things that do not currently fit anywhere else.

Alternative Versions of TwinNote

An interactive “AudioVisualizer” like the one on our home page, only this one lets you try out alternative and experimental versions of TwinNote: TwinNote 5L (Five Line Staff Version) and TwinNote TD (Traditional Duration Version).

Identification Game for Alternative Versions of TwinNote

A flash card style game that lets you practice identifying notes and intervals in alternative versions of TwinNote.

Alternative Accidental Signs and Key Signatures

Past work on alternative accidental signs and key signatures for TwinNote.

Older Note Head Font with Straight Triangles

Examples of sheet music that use TwinNote’s older note head font, the one with triangles that have straight edges and sharp corners, rather than rounded triangles.

Finale Software

Commercial software that can be used to create sheet music in TwinNote.

Interactive Alternative Keyboard Layouts

An interactive demo of various isomorphic keyboard layouts created with JavaScript and the HTML5 <audio> tag.


TwinNote AudioVisualizer

Play your own melody and see how it appears on the TwinNote staff — in real time as you play and hear it. The AudioVisualizer has graduated from TwinNote Labs and can be now found on the TwinNote home page.