TwinNote Labs: Finale

Finale is a commercial (and expensive!) music notation application that runs on Windows and Mac OS X. It can be used to create sheet music in TwinNote music notation, but it is not as good for this as LilyPond. LilyPond is simply more versatile as well as being free and open-source.

Finale is one of a few music notation applications that lets the user change the pitch values of the lines and spaces of the staff as well as assign user customizable note head shapes to particular pitches. These options are part of the "percussion maps" feature that is typically used to create percussion notation. Finale also lets you customize the position and number of lines in a staff. These features are all found under "staff styles," and together they make it possible to automate translation (or "transnotation") of music from traditional notation into TwinNote or similar alternative notation systems.

John Keller, the designer of Express Stave notation, originally worked out how to use Finale in this way. Templates containing staff styles for alternative notation systems can be set up with Finale, but once they are created they can also be used with Finale’s NotePad 2006 or 2007, which were formerly free downloads. (Unfortunately it does not really work with any of the later versions of NotePad). Find out more about this work on developing or adapting software for alternative notations on the Music Notation Project’s Software page.

Please contact us if you are interested in using Finale with TwinNote.