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TwinNote music notation is an alternative music notation system originally designed and introduced by Paul Morris in December of 2009. TwinNote makes music easier to read and learn while still conveying all of the same information conveyed by traditional notation.

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To contact us with any questions or inquiries about TwinNote music notation please use the Clairnote contact information found here: http://clairnote.org/about/

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the relationship between TwinNote and Twinline?

TwinNote was inspired and influenced by three versions of Twinline music notation by Leo de Vries, Thomas Reed, and Doug Keislar (which have much in common with Bilinear Notation by José A. Sotorrío). These notations all share the same basic staff with two lines per octave, spaced a major third apart, and they all use more than one type of notehead to allow for a more vertically compact chromatic staff. See the Influences page for illustrations and more detailed discussion. The Music Notation Project also documents the differences between TwinNote, the various versions of Twinline, and Bilinear notation on this webpage.


Why the name “TwinNote”?

The name “TwinNote” refers to the two types of notes found in TwinNote (triangles pointing up or down). These two types of note represent the two interwoven whole tone scales, two “twin” series of notes in a “6-6” pitch pattern. This makes the pitches of notes more readily apparent and gives intervals a clear and consistent appearance.

TwinNote’s name also reflects its debt to Twinline music notation. While the name “Twinline” draws attention to the two lines of the staff (an incidental feature of the notation), “TwinNote” emphasizes its two types of noteheads, which is a core feature.


Where can I discuss TwinNote?  Is there a discussion forum or listserv?

There currently is no online discussion forum dedicated solely to TwinNote, but please join the Music Notation Project’s Google Group to discuss TwinNote or alternative music notation in general.


Is there an email newsletter?

Instead of an email newsletter, we have a blog. To stay informed of developments and news related to TwinNote, simply subscribe to our blog.

You can subscribe by email by entering your address below and clicking “subscribe”. Then when new posts are made to the blog (generally less than once a month), you will receive an email, delivered by FeedBurner. Another option is to subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed using your favorite feed reader.

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