Music Notation Systems that Influenced TwinNote

Ever wonder why TwinNote was designed in the way that it was? Or what other alternative notation systems inspired and influenced it? A new Influences page takes you on a tour through a series of alternative notation systems that had an impact on TwinNote’s design.  It serves as a quick introduction to the chromatic staff approach to music notation, and shows how TwinNote builds upon other alternative notation systems, illustrating the particular ways in which it improves upon them (at least in our humble opinion).

The new Influences page discusses the differences between TwinNote and Twinline in particular detail, demonstrating how intervals have a more consistent appearance in TwinNote. (This delivers on the promise from this earlier post to further explain the reasoning behind the design of TwinNote.)

There is also a new 6-6 Pitch Pattern page that explains this isomorphic approach to music and music notation, especially as it appears in TwinNote.  This means we no longer have to keep linking to the Music Notation Project’s tutorial on 6-6 and 7-5 Pitch Patterns to explain this important concept.

Both of these new pages can be found under the Learn section of this site.

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