AudioVisualizer, now with Intervals

Going beyond just single melodic notes, the “AudioVisualizer” on the TwinNote homepage can now show and play harmonic intervals.  Just click the Intervals button and then select which intervals you want to see and hear.

This demonstrates how each type of interval has its own distinct appearance in TwinNote so that what you see matches what you hear.  For instance, it is easy to see and hear the difference between a major third and a minor third, or a major second and a minor second.  This is one of the important advantages of TwinNote since in traditional notation such differences in what you hear are not represented by what you see.  Major and minor thirds look the same, and major and minor seconds look the same.

In related news, there is now an AudioVisualizer for the experimental Five-Line Staff Version of TwinNote over in TwinNote Labs.  This makes it easy to see this version in action and compare it to the standard version of TwinNote.   (This was easy to implement since it just required changing the staff image and the ledger lines.)

Do you think the five-line version is an improvement over the standard version of TwinNote?  Let us know what you think.


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