TwinNote Redesigned

I am pleased to announce that TwinNote has been redesigned and the website has been updated to reflect the new and improved version of it.  Take a look around the site to check it out!

The old version of TwinNote has now been re-named “White-Triangle Twinline” (which used to be its name before June of 2009) “Black-Oval Twinline”.  You can find it documented on the Music Notation Project’s site.

In a future post I will go into more detail on the thinking and motivation behind this new version of TwinNote.  But in a nutshell, intervals have a more consistent appearance and are clearer in the new TwinNote than in the old TwinNote Black-Oval Twinline.  This is because it has a stronger and clearer 6-6 pitch pattern.

So TwinNote now offers the benefits of a vertically compact staff (like Twinline) without having to compromise  the benefits of having a clear 6-6 pitch pattern, benefits like clarity and consistency in interval appearance!

(See also this page on the Music Notation Project Wiki.)

Update: “White-Triangle Twinline” was renamed “Black-Oval Twinline” in December 2010 to better distinguish it from Tom Reed’s “Twinline” (which also has white triangles).

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