Greensleeves Sheet Music in TwinNote

Just a quick post to say that the traditional English melody “Greensleeves,” arranged for four-part vocal harmony, is now available in TwinNote from the Sheet Music page.  Like most of the other TwinNote sheet music on that page, this piece was created with LilyPond from a public domain LilyPond source file from the Mutopia Project.

So how do you take an existing LilyPond file and convert it to TwinNote like this?  There are now step-by-step instructions for this on the Software page.

Also, from the department of obscure LilyPond tips and tricks, I am now using \pointAndClickOff to create smaller PDF files (in kilobytes) for all the PDF files on the sheet music page.  For some of the larger works the new versions shrank to less than half their previous size, which means they will load much faster over the web.

\pointAndClickOff removes the links from the notes in the PDF file that point back to the specific text in the LilyPond file that created them.  These links are invaluable when creating and editing files (i.e. with Frescobaldi), but are not needed in the final version of the PDF file.

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